Admission Criteria

Applications are done electronically. Candidates of any nationality may apply; the program is committed to follow an equal opportunity policy and applications will be assessed considering candidate’s proven and potential academic excellence. The BEGC program also welcomes applications from candidates with university degrees outside the life sciences. We will require a Master's degree from candidates applying from countries within the Bologna agreement region, or those with similar 3-year duration of undergraduate/BSc programs. Candidates from a Bologna agreement country who received their degree prior to the implementation of the agreement are normally eligible. Applicants from a country with a 4 or 5 year university BSc / undergraduate degree program are also eligible. As a general rule, a minimum admission grades of 14/20, or equivalent (for the BSc/undergraduate degree), and of 18/20, or equivalent, for the MSc degree are required. However, exceptionally students with lower grades may be, and have been, successful applicants during our proven two-step selection procedure (see "Selection and Ranking Criteria"). 

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