Criteria for Supervision of PhD Students

Supervisors are allocated to each student by the Program Executive Board. Usually a student has 2 supervisors (or cosupervisors), but in some exceptionally and well justifiable cases (e.g. when a project compares different biomes located in different institutions) co-supervisors can go up to 3-4. There is always a main/principal supervisor. 

Supervisors are full-time or fractional full-time PhD employees of one of the consortium Universities/Research Institutes, being academic (e.g. university professors) or research (e.g. assistant, associated or principal researchers) staff. They are active researchers in the area, leaders/principal investigators (PI) of R&D projects, with a record of recent papers in ISI journals and experience in post-graduate supervision. 

The tenure of the main/principal supervisor will usually exceed the expected duration of the student grant. At least the main supervisor must have proven capacity to provide with appropriate financial resources and support for the research program of the student, as this is a proven quality control mechanism. Young staff that fulfill these criteria (i.e. are PIs of funded research projects) is encouraged to enroll in student supervision, regardless of their experience in post-graduate supervision; however, this young staff will be accompanied in the supervisors group by one more senior staff, with relevant postgraduate student supervision experience. In fact, we thrive to offer an appropriate mix of supervisors, ranging from senior researchers with strong supervision and publication records to younger active researchers with less supervising experience but relevant publication rates and means to sustain a small research group. 

Brazilian scientists must fulfill the supervision criteria of CAPES/CNPq, the Brazilian regulatory authorities for postgraduate and research activities.  

None of the individual scientists can supervise more than two full time equivalent students per program edition or more than 6 full time equivalent students at one given moment.


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