Dissertation Progress Report

The DPR should contain: I. Overview (1 page, double-space) (a) Overall objective. (b) Specific aims/hypotheses. II. Background (2-3 pages) Describing the most significant previous work in the field. Critically evaluating existing knowledge. Identifying gaps that the research is intended to fill by relating the specific aims of the proposed research to previous work. III. Research plan and methodology (4-5 pages). (a)Approach. Stating how the problem is to be resolved and relating it to the specific aims and hypotheses to be tested. (b) Design. Providing specific details of the research design(e.g., hypotheses, sample sizes, analytical approaches) and describing the formal analysis to be used to determine the certainty of inductive inferences. (c)Methods and techniques. Providing the technical details of methods to be used in the research. (d)Possible results. Indicating the kinds of results expected and how they will be used to support or refute the hypotheses being tested and/or how they will relate to the specific aims. (e)Limitations and pitfalls. Indicating deviations from the plan and corrective measures. Indicating the technical pitfalls to the proposed approaches, methods, and techniques. If possible, indicating alternative approaches that might be used to circumvent these possible problems. IV. Work schedule. Providing an estimate of the period during which the research and dissertation writing will occur, and a timeline for important accomplishments. V. Literature cited. 

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