External Advisory Committee

The role of this committee (EAC) is to monitor the program, report on progress and advise, in writing, the PD, the EB and the main BEGC funding bodies. The EAC will be feed with a written short report every other semester and a complete full report every year. Reports are the responsibility of the PD and EB. At least every other year EAC members are invited to attend the yearly seminar of the PhD program, so that they have an opportunity to attend student’s presentations. During its stay EAC will meet with students, staff involved in the supervision and with the PD and EB. 1st EAC is headed by Prof. Pato de Carvalho (http://www.cnedu.pt/files/conselheiros/Arselio-Carvalho.pdf), and will include Prof. Fred Wrona (Env Canada & Univ Victoria - see http://geography.uvic.ca/people/faculty/wrona.php) and Prof. Tim Blackburn, Director of the Institute of Zoology from the ZSL. To ensure both the continuity and renewal of the EAC, one member will be replaced every two years. In this first EAC, in 2-years times Prof Pato de Carvalho will be replaced by Prof. António Coutinho (http://www.fchampalimaud.org/who-we-are/people/antonio-coutinho/).


Partners & Associated Partners