Monitoring of the Students

During the first 2 semesters students will be closely advised and followed by the PD and the EB members, helping them to select and approved suitable advanced courses to fulfil their needs. After the approval of the thesis plan and supervisors, in addition to the normal day-to-day interactions with their supervisors, each student is encouraged to consult frequently and informally with the individual members of their TAC. TAC and student are required to meet formally once a year. There is no formal structure, save a required report from the TAC to the PD stating when the meeting took place, who attended and what the outcome was. Yearly, student prepares a brief written summary (Dissertation Progress Report - DPR) of progress made during the past year and of plans for the coming year. A signed copy (by student, supervisor and TAC) of the DPR is sent to the PD.

During the 4th year, students are required to do two talks about their thesis. One by the end of the 1st half of y-4, in the format of an IPP (Instant Project Presentation): in a 3-minute presentation and with the help of one slide only, students will present the “why, how, and so what’s” of their thesis. The second, to be done up to one-month before the thesis is submitted for the viva, is a 20-minute platform presentation about the thesis contents. 

Throughout the program students are encourage to assist seminars and tutorials of entrepreneurship and career development, and to organise their own yearly seminars.


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