There will be an official starting day of each BEGC edition, where the PD, EB and available core staff members of BEGC will be present. The Universities of Aveiro (UA) and Lisbon (UL) offer conference facilities rooms, allowing that staff of at least some host institutions may participate at distance and reply to any questions. The overall structure of the program and courses will be presented and discussed. The Singapore Statement of Research Integrity will be read by the PD and individually signed by students. At the end of each Advanced Studies Course (ASC) organised under the responsibility of UA or UL staff, each student will fill a questionnaire assessing the quality and relevance of the ASC, including the most 3 negative and positive points. The same applies when students return from a stay abroad. Questionnaires are returned to the PD and results presented to the EB and, if relevant, discussed by the Board to take due actions for the future. BEGC is a research degree, so emphasis is placed on developing skills to plan, implement, evaluate, and communicate about research. Gaining these skills requires several approaches. In addition to the ASCs and seminars, lab rotations are encouraged. Still during the first year, typically during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, students are urged to take advantage of the flexibility and light characteristics of course work and spent 6 months outside Portugal, in one or more of the Host Institutions, to attend courses and seminars, participate in the day-to day life in a different environments and cultures, experience and discussing ideas for projects, even perform/test in the field or lab some preliminary ideas. When returning to Portugal students will handle to the PD a 2-5 pages report about the usefulness of the experience.

By the end of the 2nd semester, students will organize among themselves a session named Quick Project Presentation.

During project thesis implementation, further self-monitoring is done through the TAC (see Thesis Advisory Committee and Monitoring of the Students).

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