BEGC is a research degree, so emphasis is placed on developing skills to plan, implement, evaluate, and communicate about research. Gaining these skills requires several approaches; some approaches are common to all PhD students, whereas others are useful in particular kinds of research. To prepare students for carrying out research, they may attend any advanced studies course offered within the consortium and outside, provided that the course is offered by a recognized institution and the request approved by the PD and executive committee.

The degree is, by default, jointly awarded by the Universities of Aveiro (UA) and Lisboa (UL). BEGC includes a compulsory collaboration between at least one-Portuguese and one non-Portuguese partner during the preparation of the doctorate. Therefore, student mobility and placements of minimum 6 months are foreseen. Periods of time spent in the participating Universities, for courses and/or for research, will be credit by UA and UL. Notwithstanding, on a case-by-case basis and when a student spends at least 3 semesters in one of the host non-Portuguese universities, the degree might also be awarded under a joint degree/cotutelle agreement.


Partners & Associated Partners