Strategy and Aims

BEGC links biological sciences with human-induced global changes. Either global scenarios such as those from IPCC or regional ones such as those of SIAM (Climate Change in Portugal Scenarios, Impacts and Adaptation Measures) underlined dramatic perspectives for the functioning of ecosystems and impacts on human well-being. Thus, BEGC is particularly relevant for offering training and research skill for those committed with environmental issues. Adequate policy and management strategies in the face of human-induced global changes, such as climate change, habitat destruction and overexploitation are urgently required. Yet, actions to undertake must necessarily rely on a deep knowledge of environmental issues allowing i) to evaluate the effect of such changes, either directly upon our everyday life or indirectly through major shifts in the range of many species and ecosystem services provided, ii) to anticipate future changes and eventually iii) to restore damages. 

This PhD program is anchored in the above considerations and is committed in the understanding of evolutionary processes and adaptive strategies of biological/ecological systems, at all levels of organization, including the consequences upon public health and human well-being related issues. Such goals require the establishment of innovative, interdisciplinary approaches in research and training, linking natural science perspectives on global changes with social sciences disciplines. 

Drawing from lessons from the past, currently observed changes and biological and ecological theories, the research activities to pursue focus on defining and understanding critical natural and environmental resource problems, and on developing knowledge and management strategies to address them. This will be accomplished by exploring biological dynamics driven by major global changes, understanding the structure and function of natural resources and social-behavioral systems, and learning how these systems interact to create and solve emerging problems.

BEGC includes a compulsory collaboration between at least one-Portuguese and one non-Portuguese partner during the preparation of the doctorate. Therefore, student mobility and placements of minimum 6 months are foreseen.


Partners & Associated Partners